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War is a kind of gambling game at online betting malaysia. This game is originated at Prussia in 19th century, and then later it was spread to France during the war time by the soldiers. It is the simple card which can be played by all age group of people. Even children can understand the concept of playing and start to play. So it is famous among all the people. Here we use normal French cards for playing like other casino games. Totally 52 cards are used for playing. In this type of war game we will use the jokers too for playing. Usually in other card games, we don’t use joker for playing, because it has no value. Other name for the war game is battle game. The game will moves in clockwise direction. It is a catching type game.

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Rules for playing the war:

War game is a counting card game. Here we will count the numbers in the card. The cards arranged in a high to low value in numbers. Only two players can play the game in a time. Not more than that. The 52 cards will be divided into two equal half. Each player will get 26 cards in hand. The players need to show up the card at same time. If player has high value, then the player moves on battle way. If both players get the same number of card, here the battle starts to begin. In this game aces card has more value than any other cards, but at the same time it is not so higher than joker. Here joker has high value than all cards. Colorful joker is more valued than normal card joker. 

Win the battle 

Player can use the joker as trump card, he can win the bet easily at online gambling malaysia. Although it is simple and easy game, joker makes the player to finish the game as soon as possible. There is no rules followed for this game, anyone can play at first itself. People with high value card gets the low value card from the other player and keep it as face down at the bottom of other cards. Both the players can get the card from each other if they has high value card. In war the players will keep continue to play until they finish the game, in between we can’t stop playing the game. But in battle, the winner can decide to continue or stop the play. 

The bet amounts are based on the cards value. Usually five cards are used here at last for playing. For each time the player need to show up one card from the card set. The game continues until all the cards get finish from one player. Then the other person will win the game and other will lose the game. The bets can’t be made at the center. While starting the game we need to make the bets. It is also like the blind bets. Once the game starts we can’t quite in middle, we need to end the game without any interruptions. This is the main thing in war game.